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I periodically write about things I read, listen to, or watch: articles, nonfiction and fiction books, stories, movies, videos, poetry, podcasts, television series, and so on. If I consider it quality content for whatever reason, it’s fair game. Or, I might simply write about a topic of interest not directly related to content elsewhere.

I often use quality content I’m consuming as a jumping off point for my own point of view or to offer supplemental commentary. I write about whatever strikes my fancy that the material spawns inside my brain.

I consider myself a generalist. I find most of life interesting and sometimes fascinating. My social media tag line lately has been “Generalist. I learn. I think. Sometimes I write about it.” That pretty much sums it up.

Some frequent topics of interest for me are politics, arts and culture, learning and education, technology, LGBTQ, civil rights, health and fitness, aging, business, careers and work life, personal development, philosophy, and more. My leanings tend toward liberal and left, but I try to not squelch reasonable discourse no matter its origins. I sometimes write about various aspects of sexuality (I never post adult images) and relationships too. Therefore, I prefer my reading audience to be adults.

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